Established in 2016, Proud Angeles is a local Saudi lifestyle brand for men, women, and most importantly creatives. Proud Angeles offers an array of premium products, from ready-to-wear pieces to the comfiest and most stylish loungewear. We have made it our mission to grow beyond a fashion brand, and to create a community for creative and artistic individuals to find their voice and be inspired to follow their passions. The LA-born brand seeks to mimic the good vibes, experiences, and colourful culture that LA has to offer, here in the Middle East. 


Born in 2016, the brand started as a retailer catering for many LA brands and linking the bridge between LA and Saudi. The focus later shifted to creating unique pieces that in its essence creates that bridge between these two cultures. The brand has worked with many creatives in the industry, from athletes to graffiti artists, to create a platform for individualistic self expression. Today, Proud Angeles continues to set the bar high for creatives in the community, while also inspiring others to be their true selves.

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